The Rules

About the competition

The international competition Cirkulator has been successfully organized for the past 13 years. It creates a space for the talented youth to demonstrate their creativity in the field of marketing and advertisement. It allows students to present their creations in front of field proffesionals. The jury selected from best advertisement agiencies can also get a look at potential future employees for their companies.

Each year the competition is organized by students from the Department of massmedia communications and edveritisement from University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra, Slovakia. Despite being just a student no-budget project, it proudly carries the title of an international competition since there are always applications from other countries.

The subject of the competition

As we made few changes in the structure this year, there are several more topics in the categories. For each of them a special brief was prepared by advertising agencies cooperating with their clients. For more details about chosen category, please visit out website and look in the categories section.

Conditions for applying

As we mentioned, Cirkulator is an international competition. It does not matter where are you from, what matters is what can you create. However a student status(be it high school or university) is required to apply. The applicant is also required to attach a short characteristic to his or her project.


By applying to Cirkulator you confirm that your project was created by yourself and is an original work (or a team work in the case of 24 category, where teams are allowed to apply). You confirm that the work was not plagiarized or copied from another author. We only accept entries submited through our form with a valid registration id number.

How to submit a work

Applicant can submit a project through the form available on our website, an application form must be filled and a valid registration number must be entered.


After a successful registration, the applicant will recieve an email with a registration id (identificatior), under which he can file filled applications.

In case of a collective of authors(team), each author that has participated on the projects, has to get his/her own registration ID. After all IDs need to be listed on the application form, divided by comas (#1,#2…)

Registration form

Application form

The application form is accepted only if all the required field were filled correctly. Registration is needed before filling in the application form. In case of category 24, there is a special application form which you can find on the main page, under the category´s name.

For category 24 only it is possible to apply as a team – each member of the team needs to have his/her own registration ID – all of which need to be listed in the application form, divided by commas.

Application form


Each category will be judged by a professional jury based on the requirements made specifically by the client (which are listed in the brief separately for each category). If we can give you any advice – use all your creativity, best ideas and make the project high quality.